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Acceptance ○Jean X Marco○

Acceptance ○Jean X Marco○

228K Reads 8.5K Votes 27 Part Story
Chai By Bragi_ Completed

Jean Kirschtein is a Freshmen in College and He is now free of his parents eyes but, the one rule his Father made clear to Jean was "Don't turn gay" 
Jean intends to keep his Fathers rule in mind but, his Roommate shows up and Jean looses it.
 Going through a bumpy ride of trying to hide his sexuality for a few weeks but, Jean ends up spilling his secret. Only Marco knows but someone else finds out and Jean's future with Marco could be in jeopardy!
(Yes, this is a Shingeki no Kyojin Fan Fiction with Jean kirschtein and Marco Bott, along with Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Sasha Blouse,  Connie Springer, Krista Lenz, and Ymir.
 I hope you enjoy the story :D )
- Chai
||This story is finished, an extra chapter will be added, and the sequel is out.  A Call from Heaven is the title,  you can find it on my page ,or use the link at the end of the story.||

Man....if only people could be that straight forward in real life
AceCard_ AceCard_ Mar 15
                              Inner Jean:YEAS WE CAYUN!
titanparisien titanparisien Dec 06, 2016
It's not Gene or John, It's like that: Jean: \ʒɑ̃\ with a G like Gean. And for the "ean"  It's not possible de traduce in writting 
                              (sorry for my bad english)
Marco_Polo_Snk Marco_Polo_Snk Nov 08, 2016
You use chuckled" to much. But it makes me want to read more
MindBlownAway MindBlownAway Nov 18, 2016
I know its pronounced "john" but I like saying "Gene" better
iship4hell iship4hell Nov 27, 2016
Its not pronounced Gene, or John. The french way of pronouncing it is like as if you took a j and an sh and mashed them together. So its like shohn. But .with a j sound. So .... Jshohn
                              Like Jean-Jacque