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The Beatles
I also loved the Beatles!  The way you creativity brought in as many of their songs as applicable was fun and a great writing job!!  :-)) vtd. :-))
So entertaining. Reminds me of my one creation...The Beatles are living for ever and ever amen!
@StandingBear and I look forward to reading more of yours, with my other friends Eleanor Rigby and the Paper Back Writer guy.  Stay tuned for  a limerication coming soon .  with your amazing name on it.  peace  ~)K
where is a  Revolution when you really need one?  Just loved this poem and your wit.  One big thank you here (instead of on each comment) for all the reading, voting and commenting on all the "limerications".   ~)K @StandingBear
So glad you told me about this poem.  Love the way you worked in all the song titles and the ending was so "moving" with double entendre.   I think I'll be reading this eight days a week  with my friend Lady Madonna.  
                                    peace ~)K
This is great work, my friend; it is historical, hysterical and delightful all in one. You write good poetry "Eight Days a Week."  Olan.