EXO Shippings: Mini-Stories

EXO Shippings: Mini-Stories

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Chae By brokengalaxies Updated Jul 03, 2014

A/N: Requests are available and welcome, I'll write for any shipping except Xiuhan. I'll be updating my own ships first.

Leave a comment here or message me privately with the shipping you would like to read, and I'll message you back when I have posted ^^

EXO, let's love!

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fireflight_ fireflight_ Aug 10, 2016
why don't u like xiuhan ;-; their friendship feels rly real ??
Lil_Hoseokie Lil_Hoseokie Jul 08, 2015
Nnnnooooooooo. Now I have tears worth years! OK.... awkward. So yeah, too many feels.
AaP4rk AaP4rk Nov 11, 2014
You don't ship XiuHan? Well, thats good, because I don't too.
Helen_Fighter_Hnin Helen_Fighter_Hnin Oct 26, 2014
I wish you will do a longer version if this. It would be so touching...
BaoziKim94 BaoziKim94 Jun 19, 2014
@brokengalaxies I get you I don't like Xiuhan that much either! I love Hunhan better <3
BaoziKim94 BaoziKim94 Jun 12, 2014
Is it ok if ask: Why don't you accept Xiuhan? I was just wondering... =^.^=