I Fell Hard for you (completed)|| A Kiribaku Fanfic

I Fell Hard for you (completed)|| A Kiribaku Fanfic

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TheCherryTomato By MagetheNoob12 Completed

This is my first Fanfic Ever!!!
Warning: Major Cringe Possible
Also, spoilers from the Manga

Enjoy :3

'I'll just get over this eventually and we'll stay friends! Yeah.. I'm satisfied with that.' Kirishima always tells himself that whenever he gets mixed up signals from the unpredictable blonde.

Things like hanging out in his dorm room and playing video games but, to be honest a lot of best friends do that. Until, petting, blushing and secret sides were revealed about the blonde to Kirishima is when the red head was thrown into the unpredictable tornado that was friendship to him.