You Have Me (BTS fanfic/Jungkook fanfic)

You Have Me (BTS fanfic/Jungkook fanfic)

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Jeon Christine By JeonChristineee Completed

Christine grew up to be an only child with two loving parents. Everything changes when her mom dies and her father became a reckless drunkard. In times like these, she wished she had an older brother to lean on. A brother she never had. Or did she? Fate tests her as another disaster meets her way. Will her bestfriend Jongin (Kai) be able to help her sort things out or will Jeongguk (Jungkook) her quiet classmate who she met in the rooftop be the piece she'll need to put everything in place.  What is destiny's plan for Christine now?

Formerly called "Can I Be Your Oppa?" ^_^ Enjooy~

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Jungkook to an ARMY - "I'm not your oppa." I was ROLLING😂💀
I love this! Im a newbie here and I already think this is a great story! If u can check out mine too. Im not a great writer but u may like it? Thanks ❤️
When kai is your ultimate bias and jungkook is your bias wrecker
When jungkook told all army/s in a fanmeeting to show them their ID but if I'm there, i don't have to show my ID cuz I'm freaking small HAHA
Saranghae Jungkookie Oppa! (I can say this he is holder than me XD)
The legendary first lines that started this book. For new readers: You need to read this!!! It's by far the best fan fiction I have ever read. I know that's saying a lot but it's amazing!