Sterile Skies

Sterile Skies

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These premises are under high surveillance.
No unauthorised personnel allowed passed the gates.
Under no circumstances do the cell doors open. They must remain
locked at all times unless you have an ID or cell card given directly
to you by the head of the coorporation. Severe punishment will
be given to those willing to jeopardise the safety of their peers.
The test subjects contained must be restrained at all times.
Failure to follow orders may result in death
caused by military precautions, or the test subjects themselves.

Enter with caution.
#1 adventure

The way the Author is writing the story is giving me shivers.. I can't wait to get into it
Voiint Voiint Oct 09
I think you meant *breathe when she put her knees up to her chest.
I'm so nervous. I normally read romance books but I'm trying a different genre
iBubblyNic iBubblyNic Nov 16
Last time I read this book I went up to chapter 8 or 9 I think? So Im rereading it but have an intent to finish.