To Marry the Steward

To Marry the Steward

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Arienh Forsyth By MuintirQueen Completed

Miss Genevieve Thorton, niece of Lord and Lady Albridge of Ridge Manor, Wiltshire, enjoys playing governess for her two younger cousins.  She also enjoys reading Shakespeare.  What she enjoys most of all, however, is tending to her uncle's estate with his aging steward, Mr. Gelter, who is like a father to her.  Unfortunately, Mr. Gelter has fallen ill and can no longer oversee his duties.  He convinces the Albridges to advertise for a new steward.

With the answer to that summons, Genevieve's belief that she is content in her situation faces a dangerous obstacle.

Mr. Stuart Grieve does not go to Ridge Manor to seek anything but a position as a steward, a position that will free him from living off his brothers' pity and living with the scorn of London society.  He certainly does not seek to make Genevieve his wife, though she is lovely and stubborn and has the softest cheek he has ever encountered.  Stuart carries a secret that he is certain will keep any decent young woman from desiring him as a husband.  He is content to be alone...until he sees how strong Genevieve truly is.

Can Genevieve see beyond her past and open her heart to a future where she can marry the steward?

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