Deviant | Connor X Hank | Detroit: Become Human Fanfiction

Deviant | Connor X Hank | Detroit: Become Human Fanfiction

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☁️Jordan☁️ By touchitjord Updated 5 days ago

When a defective android is partnered with the lieutenant of Detroit Police, who knows what could happen? 

How will Connor cope as an android who's programming is incomplete? Will it affect him and his relationship with those around him?

Will Hank cooperate with his partner and perhaps become something more? 

Could Connor's deficiency affect their work & their relationship? 

Find out in this rollercoaster of emotions & events as the story of a man & a machine progresses.

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PixelCube_ PixelCube_ Sep 03
Thank goodness, I really dislike it when fan fiction writers copy the game exactly. Thank you for not doing so!
SepticAbsol SepticAbsol Aug 19
I get where your going, in a DBH fanfic I’m writing (but not publishing) I’m trying to keep things shaken up with a new introduction and characters, something different from the repeated plot 400 times over
                              So if anything, I’m surprised I haven’t seen this kind of thing more often :)
"I am Conner the Android send by cyberlife. " -conner -jacksepticeye - jacksepticeye fans
LoraRagarez LoraRagarez Aug 31
Actually hank got in a car crash and his son died because a real surgeon doctor was to high on red ice to operate his son so an android took the doctor's place but failed to save hank' s son Cole and so hank blamed the androids for the loss of his son
I'm not sure if I ship this or not but this seems interesting so I'm gonna read it
I don't even ship this but I'm still gonna read this because I'm a loser