My Heart Belongs To A Football Player (boyxboy)

My Heart Belongs To A Football Player (boyxboy)

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Gabriel Walters is not gay. He just likes to look at guys. And think about guys. And smile at really hot guys. And fantasise about doing all kinds of thin...ANYWAY That doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. Even if he's never thought about girls that way. At all. Ever. 

Besides, if he was gay, then everything would be ruined. His place at the top of the school, his reputation as the most desirable guy, his position as the captain of the football team, everything! 

That's until Quentin Matthews comes along. And makes him think that maybe it's worth risking it all for someone really special.

(This is a SUPERNATURAL story, but don't worry. No werewolves or vampires or witches or anything basic like that. Something else entirely.)

jakrispy566 jakrispy566 Apr 15
Woah this story is really really good, I wish I could write something like this
- - Mar 25
Comma between "point" and "he". Change the comma before "however" into a semicolon, and put a comma after it too
Is Gabriel related to Percy Jackson? Blue food. Think about it..
I really don't like Twilight 
                              I can tell my phone doesnt either because it tryed to autocorrect Twilight to Toilet😂😂
I think that's the only reason any of us actually watched Twilight.
Oh no. Another one of there situations. *says in Dan voice from GameGrumps*