The Lycan in You and I ( A Reylo Romance )

The Lycan in You and I ( A Reylo Romance )

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Reylogirlforever By Reylogirlforever Updated Sep 04, 2018

#1 Reylo 7/18, #1 Star Wars FanFiction 8/18. #1 Handmaid 9/18. Due to a virus that sterilized most humanoid females, most women are barren. Emperor Ren is in need of an heir. The Galaxy is scoured to find a suitable match for him, which is made even more difficult by his Alpha genes.

After an arduous search led by Councilwoman Leia Organa Solo, his mother, one match is found. One out of billions of women tested unbeknownst to them.

Rey isn't sure how she got where she is now. Was she on a ship? Where were her clothes!? She looked around warily and found she was in a large round bed stark naked. It smelled like it belonged to an Alpha male....

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