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Jiya Pann By jiyapann Completed

I've always felt so alone

Left and fallen on the cold

At times I'm always depressed

These feelings always suppressed

Can't seem to find the words to say

To not, never to be hurt i pray

This heart shattered to pieces

A heart that's broken can not be healed by kisses

I know when I'm no longer wanted

I've always been taken for granted

This heart remains unfazed

Coz' it knows I will forever be replaced


grabe lang no?? emo much? what do you guys think this is about?

i dare you to interpret this poem let's see if you guys get it...DARE to TRY?


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jiyapann jiyapann Jul 11, 2012
@SeijiKenshi this poem is not for broken hearted people..thanks for the interpretation anyway... :D
SeijiKenshi SeijiKenshi Jul 10, 2012
well i like it and what i felt was that you have hadyour heart broken a few times and ur use of being replaced by your ex
famous_ria famous_ria Jun 27, 2012
sa tingin ko ang poem nato ay nababagay sa isang broken hearted na tao !
                              i like it !
                              ahhh,can u read my super short story ?
                              and plz. leave also a comment :)
jiyapann jiyapann Jun 20, 2012
@AlexisSims thanks for reading!! hope you voted for it... :D
jiyapann jiyapann Jun 19, 2012
@Miffue thanks for reading..hope you read my other poems as well
Miffue Miffue Jun 15, 2012
i like it =) you have a good rhyming scheme going on and the poem is simple but has a lot of meaning and emotion =) well done =)