Regeneration (Winter Soldier fan fiction)

Regeneration (Winter Soldier fan fiction)

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shadow By riku54 Updated Apr 19

"I want to die!" He said through gritted teeth. "I can't handle all the guilt and memories anymore! Please."

Was he really begging me to kill him?

The cold metal is heavy in my hand, and it's shine is slippery against my trembling fingers.

"No!" I shout. "I'm not letting you take the cowards path. You are going to fight this!"

He grabbed his mask off the side of the bridge and placed it on his face, his dark blue eyes never once leaving mine. "If you won't kill, I'll find someone who will."


Ana is a normal twenty four year old who was just trying to live her life. She works hard studying to get her degree in law, all while juggling the chores of life. She lives alone on a lonely farm with nothing but a few cows and horses to keep her company.  But when a certain Soldier comes into her life, her world is turned completely upside down. Will she really help a man who took so many lives away? 

Soldier is lost. 

He saved a man he thinks he knows, and the price is him being hunted for death. HYDRA wants him dead. SHIELD says they can help him, but he knows their lying. Completely lost, he finds himself hunting for answers, but finds himself facing a woman with a terrible temper.

But she isn't afraid of him.

She isn't trying to kill him in his sleep. 

He can't help but wonder,

Can she really help him remember?

But cold reality is never far behind, as he soon releases that he may be placing the person who he might have feelings for in danger.  

HYDRA isn't about to give up their killer.

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Obviously, I mean would I be reading this if I didn't. (My bio shows how much I love him)
And after infinity war....
                              I'm dead 😭😭😭
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I know this is a stupid question........
                              But English or Western
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JACE! JACE!! JACE MAH DARLIN!!! HAVENT SEEN U IN SO LONG!!! How's Clary? Alec? Magnus? Is Simon dead yet? No? Ok. (No offense but I really hate Simon I dunno why)
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Barnes but I think it's pretty useless to correct you considering you probably already know lol
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Barnes* (not trying to be rude because I adore your story so far but it's Barnes not Barns)