The Equation Doesn't Add Up

The Equation Doesn't Add Up

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CheshireDruggie By CheshireDruggie Updated Feb 15

You're 18, and have just been given a blank diploma by your high school. In order to fully graduate, you need to take summer classes in the class you failed; math. The problem is your teacher is a slap-happy weirdo, and the rest of the staff isn't any better. The only other students are a girl with matted hair who always wants to play, and she doesn't take no for an answer. The other is an extremely tall (and extremely wide) bully who will rip the only food you have from your hands.
Obviously you're not good at math, but your teacher seems to get angrier every time you get a problem wrong. He's even gone as far as to threaten you.
What will you do when you realize your teacher has done the unthinkable, and even worse, fallen for you?

A Baldi x Reader story

***None of the artwork used for the cover of each chapter is mine***

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