More To Life Than....(GirlxGirl)

More To Life Than....(GirlxGirl)

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Kai Brown By kaibrowninthesky Updated Jan 03, 2019

"I realize we are completely different. Like fire and ice. I may look tough, but I'm actually weak. And she may look sweet, innocent even, but she's the bravest girl I've ever met." 

Anastasia Parks, Bayside Princess. She was a straight A student, she never missed a class in her life, captain of the cheerleading team. She had the perfect life, perfect boyfriend, perfect family, perfect everything. Or so it seemed. Never trust a book by it's cover. For her, something was missing and that something was given to her by the most dangerous girl in Bayside.

After an incident in school with her boyfriend that left Ana hurt and rather vulnerable, who comes to her rescue? Well none other than the girl she met in Paris 2 months prior, the new resident Bad Girl of Bayside High. 

With the help Dallas and Dallas's family, Ana learns there is more to life than being perfect.