Blue Moon (Teenwolf fanfic)

Blue Moon (Teenwolf fanfic)

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Teenwolf fanfic (story isn't based on true series)

•What will happen when Derek finds a love?
•What if she will be more than just an ordinary girlfriend?
•And how will pack react?

Read to find out more

"Guys, I wanna ask you something" the Alpha began. When he gained pups attention he continued, "You know that I like Anne.." 
Pups looked at each other.
"Here we go again" Scott muttered. Derek was acting like he didn't hear that.
"Yesterday, I offered her staying with us. You don't have to panic, she doesn't agree yet" he said.
"What?" Lydia didn't believe her wolf ears.
"You cannot be serious!" Scott shouted.
"Why are you asking us when you already suggested it to her?" Jackson asked calmly - he didn't want to have his nose broken again-

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