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Kallen By KallenSakura Updated Jul 20, 2014

Lucy,Mystogan, and Jellal were brought as 3 year old orphans to the door of the famous guild Fairy Tail and quickly showed great skill as they were ranked S-Class wizards. Now as 17 and 18 year olds the mages spend most of there time destroying dark guilds and evil wizards but as the three spent most of there life together the two stubborn twins grew feelings for the blonde celestial dragon  slayer but who will confess first? Or will she fall for a ice mage or fire dragon slayer?

Mystogan x Lucy 
Jellal x Lucy 
Gray x Lucy
Nastu x Lucy

And I did not create the AMAZING PICTURE USED FOR MY FAnfic all credits go for the people who made the separate pics and MY GOOD FRIEND bubblez_111 who put the pics together  to make the fantastic pic!!Thank you so much!!!!!!!

MiChatulousXD MiChatulousXD May 15, 2017
So I'm the only one laughing about the dead mother thing? O, okay....*sits in a corner alone*
Kasanni Kasanni Apr 06, 2017
Lucyxnatsu I love how they do that if nalu is not in this story who cares I mean I like other ships woth lucy but ones that look good like nalu or graylu stinglu does not work but jellal and licy um a bit. But anyhow I love tge story al ready
Queens_Own Queens_Own Dec 23, 2017
Boys get flustered around me all the time! *attempts a hair flip but trips and falls over reality* yeah I guess not...
M8822d M8822d May 01, 2015
Mystogan is from Edolas (another parrallelic world).
                              Jellal is from Lucy's world.
                              Jellal and mystogan are the same people.
                              Though mystogan didn't want to have jellals name.
ViperzSonic ViperzSonic Apr 18, 2014
Oh my gosh!! Just gotta say, glad you are making a Fairy Tail fan fic. I absolutely 100% LOVE fairy tail. Keep up the good work!