Emojis  - Which ones work on Wattpad (Guide)

Emojis - Which ones work on Wattpad (Guide)

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✨ River Abernathy ✨ By CalmWatersAbernathy Updated Jun 17, 2018

Ever been annoyed when you left a comment speckled with the perfect emojis to emphasize your point, only to hit 'post' and have them disappear? Then this guide is for you! 

This is an ongoing collaborative endeavor with you, the reader! Comment when you find an emoji that works (or doesn't)! 

Shout-out on my message board to anyone who contributes! (Caveat - I'm still kinda new here and learning. If I find a better way to give kudos, then this may change and I'll update here). 

I expect this to evolve as Wattpad rolls out new versions, so this guide will evolve over time and likely never be compete, but it's not that kinda book ;-) 

Read on and pitch in when you learn something to help the rest of us! 


Feel free to ignore - Testing area for which emojis work in descriptions:

*Highest Rank: #28 - emoji (out of 77 - June 27, 2018)

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