The Nightmares Echo

The Nightmares Echo

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That one girl.... By ChocoNajma Updated Jun 12

Some stories start normally, telling the coming of age tale or dramatic love story like it hasn't been rewritten, retold through millions of people all over the world. Some stories try to be brand new. Killing off characters left and right or invoking a strange emotion for the guy in the corner of the class playing with his drawings. Sometimes, a story just needs to be alive. 

It needs the characters for breath, the plot for nourishment, it needs the reader to beat its heart. In this aspect, the book is similar to life. The nourishments of society can only go so far into the human psyche before it stops being of use. Some people mask their lives so well, play a character for so long, they forget who they are. 

It's scary really, how easy it is to lose your humanity.

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