The Elite Elementals (BoyxBoy)

The Elite Elementals (BoyxBoy)

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Sadistic_Panda By Sadistic_Panda Updated Nov 14, 2016

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Starting next week, Alex will be going to boarding school. It should be a dream come true, right? But there was one problem; the school was for the 'elite' class. Only the strongest creatures were accepted and trained there; but the thing is, Alex didn't have any special powers or know exactly what type of creature he was supposed to be. 

What could be better? The better question is: 

What could be worse...oh yeah, being a Void. Alex somehow has the power to control every element. That would be great, if he knew how to use it. 

What a normal life: having powers, fighting mythical creatures, and finding out you're gay for the social prince of your new magical school. 

Awesome, right?


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SusieSunshine101 SusieSunshine101 Apr 08, 2017
Bye  bye Mr Fourth Wall! See,um, in another fanfic!
I don't know why, but I have a feeling there are going to be multiple ships from these "???"..
MisSolstice MisSolstice Jun 20, 2016
In a natural stance I really think air is more unpredictable.
                              Purification is somewhat non characteristic and more of a preference. I think you were looking for the word "Just" meaning honorable and along the side of good.
GeneNo GeneNo Feb 01, 2016
Im wondering, do you select character pics based on your fav kpop boys?
Chumzy_Boothe Chumzy_Boothe Mar 01, 2016
What will they think when they found out that Alex is a Void?
CheshireChi CheshireChi Nov 28, 2016
why is it that male Asians (or in that category) look cut and petite yet at the same time look like really young boys XD