Blood Moon

Blood Moon

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Alex Armas By myriadofbeauties Updated May 23

New Moon Fanfiction

Three years after the Cullens left Forks forever, and also leaving Bella Swan behind, things have changed.

Edward is still struggling to live throughout a single day without his loved one, and when he is finally convinced by his family to attend college, in an attempt to try to get his mind off the painful absence he feels every pulsating second, he agrees. Only he did not see it coming, and neither did Alice, that Bella is precisely studying at the same institution.

Oh, but, Bella is a complete different person now, with such a much more complicated and utterly confusing mind than before. She seems to be a ruder, darker, more interesting and reserved person than ever.

And to add to Edward and the rest of the Cullen's dismay, she seems not to remember absolutely anything about them.

Believe me: the story is better than this description.

Written mostly from Edward and Bella's point of view.

OnyxWritter OnyxWritter Apr 12
OMG. This has to be the best clincher first peek of a book, I have ever had the pleasure of reading!!!! Great construction and plotting!!!! Your vivid descriptions made me feel as if I was actually there and experiencing these events unfold. Well done! Very well done!!!!
Where were the Cullens during this entire thing? Edward was in Rio, Bella was in Forks. But in this fanfic, it took a little more than two days to get back to Forks with Alice's vampire driving...
I am a twilight fan too and writing twilight books can you check that and advice me
RebeccaShergold RebeccaShergold Aug 31, 2016
Oh Alice 😧😧😧 I'm crying poor Alice. I actually am surprised to say that I'm in love with Alice POV. And btw your writing smiles are perfect
It will be very kind of you and can you tell your followers about my story. Thanks . and again keep writing
burningbrightfire burningbrightfire Jun 21, 2015
Ugh this is amazing! I honestly feel like I'm reading a Stephanie Meyer novel. Except, you are WAY better!! I cannot express how much I love this, even though this is the first chapter!!!!<3