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Warrior cats rp

Warrior cats rp

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My name will be untold... •__• By XxXgHoStWoLfXxX Updated Oct 07, 2015

Hi warrior cat fans!!! This is just an rp I made for you ( and me :p ) hopefully everyone will enjoy!!! 
(PLEASE! I beg of you to put all the information down that is in the form, and type it all down in one comment! ((Optional in one comment, if you like, you can comment your cats in separate comments, but please, put all of that cat's information in one comment, it really confuses me if you don't :/)))

(*NOTE: Password is no longer required because I am getting tierd of telling people to PUT IT IN THEIR DANG FORMS so if I see you disobeying any of the rules or someone notifies me that your breaking the rules, you will be given a one day ban and a warning, if you break a another rule or the same one later on, you will kicked from the roleplay*)
((please notify me, preferably through pm, if you see anyone who is breaking the rules or a rule so I can read over their comments and give them the "punishment" talked about above ^^))
((UPDATE: June 18, 2016
You no longer have to wait to be ...

JayandPuggy JayandPuggy Apr 08
Name: Stormfur
                              Age: 17  moons
                              Gender: She-cat
                              Rank: medicine cat
                              Clan: SkyClan
                              S/C or D/C: StarClan
                              Physical features: light gray fur and light blue eyes
                              Personality: kind, caring, loyal
                              Mate: none
                              Crush:  None
                              Kits:  None
                              Other: loves kits and caring for the sick.
Doepaw Doepaw Apr 10
                              16 moons
                              Dark grey fur with green eyes
                              Devious, sneacky, fast, tricky.
Moonkit is a she-kit with midnight blue, almost black, fur which is very fluffy and soft. She has dark blue eyes with a hint of green. She also has a heart shaped birthmark on the bottom of her front right paw
Moonkit is very playful, kind, outgoing, sassy, adorable, silly and overall just fun to be around. She can also easily makes friends. Only downside is that she can be very shy or awkward around tom cats.
ItsXyloh ItsXyloh 9 hours ago
Name: Windridge
                              Gender: male
                              Age: 17 moon
                              Appearance: Dark grey with a lighter underpelt, green eyes and light grey toes
                              Clan: Fireclan
                              Rank: Warrior
                              M/C/K: None
                              Personality: Determined and bold
                              Other: Usually mistaken for a shecat
Doepaw Doepaw Apr 10
Midnight when the moon is highest at night.
                              18 moons
                              Tribe of rushing water
                              Prey hunter
                              Tribe of endless hunting
                               dark Blue-gray fur with blue eyes.
                              Mischivious, loving, tricky, fast, friendly.