The Academy - Book III

The Academy - Book III

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This is the final installment in the Series!

*This book features very mature content!  If you don't like your men dominant stop now because this is your only warning!*

Kaelen rose, "I don't care what you want.  It's not like you care what I want."  He sent a cold look toward Sebastian as he walked toward them.  "I believe I'll take my prize," he said as he held a hand to Xara. 

Xara tried to remain calm as she placed her hand in his.  With doubts rolling through her head she nodded to Sebastian as Kaelen led her out of the room.  They walked into the corridor and the door closed silently behind them.  Xara gasped as he pushed her against the wall.

Kaelen waited until Xara's fearful brown eyes met his before he growled, "You are mine and will behave in a manner that shows it."

Xara nodded obediently trying not to flinch as he ran a finger along her jawline.

"You will not complain to anyone about my behavior," he whispered into her ear.   "Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes," stuttered Xara as she stepped back to put distance between them.

"Good," smiled Kaelen as he dropped his hand. 

Kaelen and Xara's story should begin and end with no issues but unfortunately for them both it doesn't.

©Em Myles

When you couldn't find any good new stories so you go back to a fav lol. This is at least my 4th time reading 😂
Lil_Indie06 Lil_Indie06 Jun 08
KAELEN NOOOOOOO!!!!!?? 😢😢 You were the good one! Don't turn on me now!!! Oh! The humanity!!!!!
Lil_Indie06 Lil_Indie06 Jun 08
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 isn't anyone gonna correct him????
melliemel4ever melliemel4ever Nov 06, 2016
Ok I'm going to have to say that Kevin just shot up in my esteem. His reactions to to situations are priceless.
luvneverminute82 luvneverminute82 Jul 25, 2016
I wanna story about Anthony please * in a small child's voice*😆
NoJamsNoLife NoJamsNoLife Jun 03, 2016
Ew Orchid wtf you literal cradle robber.  You PedoBear.  Dafuq 😦