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Two young 15 year old teens were both dropped off at the same orphange as new borns. As for their parents they believed neither wanted them so they dropped them off there and never looked back.

Jayceon Malik Wright is 15. He was tall for his age. He intimidated most of the kids except one, Michelle Antoinette James. Who is also his best friend and girlfriend. He was hiding something from Michelle but he was scared to tell her. He thinks she'll never accept him and everything will change.

Michelle Antoinette James is 15. She was quiet but fiesty. She never let anyone walk over her including her once crush, who is now her boyfriend, Jayceon. She hasn't told him that she doesn't love but she's in love with him because she thinks he won't love her like she loves him.

When she first met him he was rude but she snapped back at him. They have been close since.

They know each others secret except the one their hiding from each other.

What if one night all is revealed and the unexpected ha...

Psycho_Lightskinn Psycho_Lightskinn Dec 24, 2016
How tf you have a relationship at 2 when I can't even get one at 21😒👉🚪
MelaninBvby MelaninBvby Jan 21, 2017
Mind is telling me NOOO. But my body my BODY is telling me YESSS. I don't wanna hurt nobody. But there's something that  I must confess..... ION SEE NOTHIN WRONG😏🐱🍆💦
shaneqwa shaneqwa Sep 24, 2014
so cute..I wonder what is their secret they keeping from each other..
00a000000000000b 00a000000000000b Aug 27, 2014
ong finally completed i hate readin.books dats not completely done.yesss thank cha