Everything Changed {Stiles Stilinski}

Everything Changed {Stiles Stilinski}

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**This book is the sequel to Exploring Hidden Feeling**

This book is a continuation of my Sweet little twist on Teen wolf, but just like Exploring Hidden Feelings (If you haven't read you totally should!!) if you don't watch the show you will still love this book!!

After Scott found out of his best friend Stiles and basically sister Kate are dating, Beacon Hills becomes once again filled with fighting, death, and change. After the smoke clears from the fighting everyone is okay.. except Stiles..

Did Kate say yes to late?? Did the bite kill him?? Did he survive?? Why does Everything Change?? Read to find out ;)



"J-Jackson I can't" I pushed him back. 

"Why?" He snapped "You know why" I said blankly.

Donutlover2001 Donutlover2001 Jan 25, 2015
I just want to let u know that this book makes me feel some type of way