Automatically Complicated (gxg)

Automatically Complicated (gxg)

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Leah By wonderingwhyy Updated Jun 23, 2018

"I find myself getting lost in her eyes, I don't know why... I mean, they're just like mine. 

Then I realize it's what those wide chocolate brown eyes hold that has me so entranced. They hold her emotions, her deepest internal feelings. They roll at me when I make crappy puns and tear up right before she sneezes. They glare at bullies and soften when she sees someone hurt. They shy away when she's complimented and brighten when she figures out a homework problem. They glisten when she is brought to laughter. 

Brooke has so much hidden in those doe wide eyes of hers. So I keep exploring the depths of them, desperately trying to find what I've been searching so long for. 

Because her eyes hold so much more than I thought.

They hold what I want most.

They hold her secrets."

Hayley is not confused. That she is sure of. But when it comes down to anything else, particularly when it concerns interacting with Brooke, Hayley is anything but sure.

Who knew things could be so automatically complicated?