Delinquent Camp

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Lindsay Alexandra By Monst3rs Completed
[Watty Awards Mystery Finalist]
    Tragedies change people. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the accident changed Gemma. Anger problems seem like the only issue to her, but her father and evil step-mother see a lot more than that lying underneath. Unable to help her, they go to their last resort; they send her to Safe Haven, a summer camp for troubled teens.
    	Haven is a place where misunderstood teenagers can realize their problems and work through them in a safe environment. At least, that’s what Gemma thought. The first things that come are the notes. Each one is written with a specific message on it, targeting the accident that killed her best friend and blaming her. The next are the secrets; everyone has one. But does everyone have one about her?
    	The threads start unraveling as Gemma searches for the person who’s hurting her; the person who is trying to drive her insane. But the closer she comes to uncovering the secret, the closer she comes to realizing that not everyone is who they seem.
    Mystery #3 October 3rd, 2012
reading this and i noticed i am the bad one in the family..... they better not send me off because im not going anywhere!! oh and  i love  how genma kicked the guy in the balls even doe i wished she done it earlier
Kirsten that B*TCH!!! If I were Gemma I would have kicked him in the balls earlier and jumped Kirsten!
I love the plot so far and how you portray her feelings. It really works, great job so far ;)
Don't worry, it's the biological mom you gotta watch out for...
I'm listening to this really sad violin/piano music... it's not helping, i say this now
I hate it when one parent (the father mainly) does exactly what the other (step-monster) wants them to do without even realising it until it's too late. Your story is really good though; especially when she kicked Michael in the balls.