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Can You See Me? [ERERI/RIREN]

Can You See Me? [ERERI/RIREN]

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Kipnotize By Kipnotize Completed

Prequel to Please Remember, however you don't have to read them in any particular order. This one is about how Levi an Eren first fall for each other in the era of the Titans, all the awkwardly adorable moments between them as they try to express their feelings, and how they part ways at the end of it all.

Disclaimer: I don't own Shingeki no Kyojin or any of its characters, however much I wish to. I only own this plot idea.

rainbows118 rainbows118 Nov 15, 2016
Pshhh. No he wanted you to preform a strip show for Eren and the judge.
                              Tch oviously. -_-
You hear that guys? There's school girls in this universe who act bubbly around boys even when there's titans not that far away.
Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Oct 15, 2016
Awesome!! You actually had the POV of Levi's when they first met, I can totally imagine Levi having these thoughts in the actual anime. Awesome =D
levisduster levisduster Dec 28, 2016
Actually Isayama stated that Levi has never been in a relationship before (sorry i had to lol)
EmYEET EmYEET Aug 09, 2016
Honhonhonhon (;',
                              Wait... didn't he use to love Petra? *shudders*
hoere_ hoere_ Aug 07, 2016
Literally though, I don't see the age thing as a problem. Eren lives in a society that treats people like adults at such a young age. Plus he is basically given adult responsibilities and forced to make really tough choices