Operation: World Saver

Operation: World Saver

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Hi, my name is Nicolas and I died on my 19th birthday. Which was the greatest gift I could have gotten and no I'm not being sarcastic. To me dying was the best gift ever... well the cure for cancer would've been nice too.  
To my surprise, after I died, I woke to find myself in a strange white room, that only contained a desk and an old man with an otherworldly aura. It seems he needs help savings different worlds from turning into ruin at the hands of the souls that escaped. 
Being the nice person that I am, I decided to help him, plus I'm getting an awesome reward for doing it.

Pictures are not mine ?

Started: June 3rd 2018

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AliceL0uise AliceL0uise Jun 15
I think familial is what you meant as paternal is in relation to the father not to the parents. Don't mean to nic pick just thought you might like to know I struggle with these things too :)
T_Air_T T_Air_T Jun 21
okay so. I am iffy about picking books without at least 1k 
                              BUT i’m interested in this.
                              i’m also sure that people are the same way about the 2k thing, so i’m here to give you those 20 more votes. and enjoy the story that you wrote
Hi, first, I totally understand the need to compartmentalise your stories, & your life, lol. People are annoying & tiresome & your family & friends, well you can't exactly throw them out the window just because. 😅
You changed the name & I couldn't find the original at first in my book list (I keep track of everything I read, including chapters for ongoing stories, I read too much to remember anything otherwise). Did I miss some kind of notification of the change? Oh well.
I was kinda hoping that the old man would be Tanaka from Kuroshitsuji
Is there an explanation for the reasoning of the other soul having to lose its memory but bot the protagonist?