Let's Play A Game, Alpha

Let's Play A Game, Alpha

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"When will you accept me?'' Lucian murmured against my skin. The wonderful feeling only grew as he stepped closer, the thick muscles between our layers of clothing pressing against my back. He dipped his head. I could feel his lips against my ear when he spoke. "When, Victoria? I am tired of fighting with you. I know you want me just as much as I want you. Admit it."

I couldn't.

"Admit it, Victoria!'' Lucian's voice went deep when he raised it. Goosebumps prickled my entire body as he whirled me around so that we were face-to-face. I exhaled softly, hating the dominant position he had over me. Lucian wretched my chin up. His eyes were burning with a lustful smolder. 

"No." Oh, I would definitely get myself killed tonight. I knew my defiance was angering him further but saying I wanted Lucian would mean I was accepting defeat. And I didn't do that. 

Love was a game and I was determined to win it.

witchttaf witchttaf Jul 11
Second letter of empty is m so it's epty but epty doesn't sound the same as empty. I'M CONFUSED WELP
Only reason i aint that frustrated is bcz all this is gonna lead to finding her soul mate soooo😂😂
Charleel Charleel Sep 12
My emo brain rearranged and add a bit to the sentence to where I read "when I was a young boy"
SERIOUSLYYYYYYYY ?!!? *throughs phone on the ground then picks it up again to continue redin*
making a sound when you aren't supposed to be and getting caught by the bad guy cliche -ding- (for those who watch CinemaSins)