Four Months

Four Months

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You gotta be my friend to know! By HRHpotterhead Completed

Galen Wolfson is the beta to the Mystic Creek's pack in Washington. His entire bloodline of past betas are stuff of legends, and he helps run the pack with his Alpha Rob. When a wolf's eighteen birthday arrives the pack always holds a ceremony so that they can find their mate and make the bond.

Except there is one problem.

Galen's mate happens to be Jeremy, the pack's sarcastic, outspoken, omega....

WARNING! Contains boyxboy lovin' and mpreg. Haters begone ^_^

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  • galen
  • jeremy
  • mpreg
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hunterxhunter234 hunterxhunter234 Jul 27, 2017
I hope when he rejects you it'll be hilarious! I wouldn't be surprised if he they say Karma is a bi!tch
CelesteLisana CelesteLisana Oct 19, 2017
Really in perspective, hoping for more good work in the omega's pov as well
🎵I hate you, I... 🎵
                              Oh shït, that's all I can sing of the chorus without lying to you. Ah well.
_No_its_PATRICK_ _No_its_PATRICK_ Jul 18, 2017
*clears throat* Excuse me, bitch . . .(would anyone volunteer to finish this thought?)
AtethyiaSora AtethyiaSora Mar 20, 2017
Honestly this will be the first book I'm reading by you, but just this announcement makes me love you because you seem to have an awesome personality 👌👍😎
Tbh I would laugh too. That is a funny scenario (I would totally help tho)