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What is family?- A Harry Potter Fanfic

What is family?- A Harry Potter Fanfic

31.2K Reads 1K Votes 9 Part Story
Nope By Tisa_rules Completed

In this story Harry is abused by his aunt and uncle. When Ron is worried because Harry is not replying to his owls he sets off with Fred and Gorge to see whats wrong. When they find him they realise how much help he really needs.
Set in summer hols after 1st book.
Sences of child abuse.
I don't own harry potter... Yet!

HellsChildCake HellsChildCake Jul 20, 2016
I could not tell you were dyslexic at all until you told us in the authors note...
Its amazing. You should right more. Its a goof talent you have got
ThE-LoNlY ThE-LoNlY Feb 10
You know this actually makes alot of scence cause we never saw in the movies his full summer all we see is the end of it so we never know what happened during those time lapses
Tecnoforce Tecnoforce Nov 12, 2016
Your best is the best there is so don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise
levifuchingackerman levifuchingackerman Dec 19, 2016
That first bit was awesome (I just read it) I've got a friend who's dyslexic as well in school I help him with math and spelling whenever I get the chance P.S I have the 2nd highest IQ in class yet I suck at writing mostly (unless it's writing science or math)
Dobby_Luna_Bellatrix Dobby_Luna_Bellatrix Sep 15, 2016
You're even better at spelling and grammar than me and I got one of the highest marks in the UK for spelling and grammar last year