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Sarah By -SarahCorner- Completed

[BOOK ONE & TWO] [Written in 2012]

James Wills is debatably the smartest man in his school. Being only a sophomore, this says a lot about his nerd-like appearance with the stereotypical glasses taped in the middle and metal bar over his teeth. Also being the geek, nerd, and also ironically called idiot, James is the laughing stock of the football team, including the quarterback, Ethan. He has made it his goal to make James' sophomore year hell, especially after learning that he's in love with Alexis, his girlfriend. Determined to pay Ethan back for what he did, and also win Alexis' heart, he does something that will dramatically turn his life around forever. Never again will he be called geek, nerd, or idiot, but instead arguably the hottest guy out there. Who couldn't fall for his good looks, and also his... superhuman powers?

For nearly two months James has been assisting at an Administration in up north Wisconsin where he's experimented on and taught the meaning of his abilities. There he lives along side Savvy, a peculiar young girl who has been living at the PIA for all her life without a name or parents. After their escape attempt failed, James is determined to return to Savvy and find Brielle's brother with the company of Rory, Colette, and Alexis beside him all the way. With the PIA on their heels, the surprise of Jay's transformation calls forth an entirely new era of suspense, action, and overall science fiction maddness.

  • trilliumangel
Great start! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I have my fingers crossed for some punishment against the quarterback 😜.
Love this description! "A mere microscopic particle in the vast space of the atmosphere." Brilliant!
sheikwat sheikwat Mar 02, 2016
Why is he so demanding and a bit aggressive with his friend. After all it was him who came asking (demanding) for a lift home
sheikwat sheikwat Mar 02, 2016
Wouldn't this be said by James instead of Jay? After all, it's James the one who either hurts or doesn't hurt, right?
RachelStephenson RachelStephenson Jul 08, 2016
Don't mean to be sour but I find nothing funny about drunk driving 😕
sheikwat sheikwat Mar 02, 2016
I like the book so far and cannot wait to see him get his powers!!!
                              Being male POV, I think some of the descriptions he makes of his surroundings, Mrs. Aubrey, Jay, Ethan, etc, might be more masculine. They are a bit "soft" IMHO.
                              But great job so far!