Transmigrated 21st Genius:His Cute and Beloved Wife

Transmigrated 21st Genius:His Cute and Beloved Wife

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Andrea Diez By Crystalite2472 Updated Oct 24

Yuna was known as the most genius young girl on Country X.

In the age of 5,she finish her college degree.

In the age of 7,she started her own company.

In the age of 10,she become a boss of an Business Empire in Country X.

In the age of 15,she became a succesful and a powerful figure in the whole world.

But in the age of 18,when she was just sleeping on the new ancient looking bed she just bought,she found out that she was transmigrated to a 16 year old Second young miss of a small clan,who unfortunately,treated the original owner like trash.

Talking about unlucky,she also found out that she will be marrying a dumb king!

But the strange thing is,can a dumb king be this smart and cunning?


"Wife,your mine now."

"Wife,I'll protect you no matter what!"

"Wife,you will be the only woman I will love."

"Wife is pretty."

"Wife,I love you"

"Ok,ok!Geez,stop making me blush!"


This is an original story of mine,I hope you'll like it ^^

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Lillymhsgij Lillymhsgij Jul 02
XD when you are fine then not really fine and you just can't get into it Cause it'll be awkward.
hoeimballin hoeimballin Oct 31
idk y but i find ppl with black hair and light eyes so pretty