Diabolik Lovers - Second Option [ONGOING}

Diabolik Lovers - Second Option [ONGOING}

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Shanny By Seokjennie Updated Jun 13

Diabolik Lovers AU

As known, Yui has been tossed back and forth at the Sakamaki household and the Mukami household. Y/n however was assigned to stay at the Mukami household to protect and support them, in addition hold as a second option if Yui chose one of the Sakamaki's.

As second option, Y/n isn't entirely existing, therefore she had died once. In redemption for her mistaken murder, she is given life but to protect the four young male adults. Life was given, but completely living wasn't given. For the price of a second chance, she can't have full emotions as she used to. What was happiness again? She forgot. What was pain? Something she can feel completely. It was relief that the feeling of pain reminded her that she is somewhat still human.

Lost yet found in the rain, happiness trails to her somehow through the dark night. When the front door opens, light comes through. A cloudy sunshine is introduced.


A not so dirty fanfiction where the author is too innocent for that.
Heartbreak? Yes sure thing :D

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