Marked Secrets

Marked Secrets

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Amelia Bridges is a nineteen year old girl living in Moonstone Province, and is haunted by her mental illnesses that threaten to take over her life. The problem is that Moonstone is a place that believes mental illnesses are nothing but a fallacy, leaving Amelia to wonder how this came about and can be stopped. People who claim to have these illnesses risk being marked, which unfortunately becomes a reality for Amelia after being discharged from the local jail following her suicide attempt. 

While trying to live as normally as possible after this major life adjustment Amelia meets JP Beckett, a boy she is forbidden from dating since she is marked. JP has a story of his own and while trying to figure out Amelia's, he begins to realize the connection they share and finds himself fighting alongside her for a new beginning. It takes courage and strength to speak out and be heard-but will it be too late for change? 

**This story contains subject matter that may be too intense for some readers. Please proceed with caution and be safe, you are never alone in this fight.**

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RElizabethM RElizabethM Aug 04
I must have good veins. I don’t mind having blood drawn. 🤷🏼‍♀️
tuillaxoh tuillaxoh Jul 18
I hate when the doctors have to keep searching for a vein. And when they think they got it, they actually don't and it seriously hurts like hell when they have to pull the needle out and do it all over again. Ugh 😢😣😣😣
tuillaxoh tuillaxoh Jul 18
Deep descriptions are my favorite. Loving it so far 🌸💜
hallonn23 hallonn23 Jul 21
This is s good description, but the looking in the mirror is kind of a cliche. Some people enjoy it, some people don’t. Personally, they don’t bother me lol but I had a mirror scene in my novel and removed it because someone said it was cliche. All personal preference I would say :) #FlexBE
RElizabethM RElizabethM Aug 04
                              Interesting start. I haven’t quite figured out what time period or place we’re in but it doesn’t quite feel present day/normal reality. I will be interested to see how this develops. I certainly feel for your MC already.
hallonn23 hallonn23 Jul 21
Beautiful paragraph. This is what I meant by showing the reader the emotion. Great job! :) #FlexBE