Dave x Reader: Autumn Feelings

Dave x Reader: Autumn Feelings

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Ross the Genderfluid Gay Baby By ZapStrider Updated Oct 21, 2015

Sup, Zapple Strider here. This is my first X READER insert so please, no hate.


It all started in the 10th grade. You, (name), are a sophomore at Namco High. You were in a rush to (favorite class) when you bumped into him. Then new kid. Both of you fell backwards and papers went flying.

"Oh my god! I-i'm SO so sorry I didn't mean to-" you were cut off when you saw who it was. Dave Strider. You didn't think he looked so... well, cute. He helped you gather up your lost books and papers and took you by the hand to help you up.

You couldn't help but blush.

"Um, sorry..." you said pushing some of your (h/c) hair out of your face.

"Hey, it's cool." he said with this really cool voice.

whoa.. you thought. Your face heated up a little when you realized you were staring. He had blonde hair, and was wearing a cool pair of shades. He had a red T-shirt with a smashed record on it. He wore black skinny jeans and sneakers. 

Your thoughts were interrupted when he said, "Like what you see?"...

sharonz123 sharonz123 Mar 13
Two ships two ships TWO SHIPS I SEE!!!!! (Or three if you count ur self with Dave)
Lynn? MY CHILD(o.c.)? You don't like attention what have they done to you!
if you cheated him why the hell would he want you!? he dont love you
I lived in an apartment before I can live in one in this story
-reads the 4 LETTER SENTENCE and See's 64 come t- oh shits bout to go down.
Thewolf525 Thewolf525 Jan 18
Nahhhhhh wat u thinking bish
                              ( 💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 )