The Blade Dancer (My Hero Academia)

The Blade Dancer (My Hero Academia)

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ChinsanaSakka By ChinsanaSakka Updated Feb 20

Irina Shimizu. Seems like a simple and reserved person at first, but you have to look deeper. They say that the person with the prettiest eyes sheds the most tears, and that is definitely true for Irina. Having gone through hell and back, she's got nothing to lose. 
She's going to become a hero, and find the person that took everything away from her.

(Under Heavy Editing)
On March 10th, 2019, I pretty much unpublished, edited to an extreme point and reposted. If you have finished the story where it currently is before March 10th, I suggest you go back and do a re read just to catch up on where I changed the story. :)

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