Baldi x Reader |Ever since you came|

Baldi x Reader |Ever since you came|

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Dead 1900-2018 By _Chocobear_ Updated Sep 15

You were a shy quiet 19 years old girl that has failed math due to anxiety and how much stress it gives you and is now sent to summer class by your abusive mother.
She is literally the reason you were failing
But when you went to this summer school- little do you know you have helped and changed them

||There is alot of people doing this! Also This is my first story so please dont hurt me ;; also art belongs to me :3 |also yes there would be lemon so sit down and panic||

||yes I know he's old but in my story he's 25 or sumthin xD no there is no pedo stuff here so calm down pls ;-; ||

This book contains
-Smut/lemon (Kinda rare for me to do it but eh)
-A few Fluff :3
-A possesive bald man/Yandere stuff
-kinky egg

So PLEASE AVERT THY EYES and don't read it and comment mean stuff cuz im sorry ;w;

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VerdanaDaSkele VerdanaDaSkele 2 days ago
Because a neon orange jacket Ain't gunna grab attention or make me look like construction worker
Ooferi Ooferi 3 days ago
I'm reporting her to YouTube. She can get le epicly reked by le epic games.
xCluelessInkux xCluelessInkux 6 days ago
Because everybody wants to ship themselves with a low resolution ruler slapping teacher murderer
K_KillJoy K_KillJoy 7 days ago
Omg I’m laughing so hard just because someone made a baldi x reader, thank you so much for existing and making this. XD
Ooferi Ooferi 3 days ago
                              Y'ALL KNOW WE HAVE A THOT ON OUR HANDS
Me before reading this: All women..... Are QUEENS
                              Friend after reading this: if she breaths... SHE'S A T H O T