The Nikkians (Chapters 1 and 2 are re-written)

The Nikkians (Chapters 1 and 2 are re-written)

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Call me Star or Starlight By xStarliightzx Updated Feb 27, 2011

Secret scientists of the U.S. are planning to take over the whole world – starting at the country we all know, the United States of America. They kidnapped many children ranged from ages eleven to nineteen, and are experimenting on them. Many injections and tests were placed on the experiments, and currently they were working mainly on one person.

One is an experiment. She was kidnapped when she was very young – around the age of eleven. The scientists made sure she would cooperate, and then placed her at the top. Experiments in this line of work are placed in order by number – which is also their new name. The higher the number you are, the more important and powerful you are going to be. 

In this case, One is at the top – and is also their most powerful weapon.  One has lost hope long ago, but suddenly, when experiments Numbers Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen escape, One finally has a tiny spark of hope. She realizes that since they were successful experiments, she can escape too. 

After all, she is at the top. She’s the most powerful.

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