Something There

Something There

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"Can you spread your legs a little farther for me, baby?" he asks me, his voice a low whisper.

I nod, doing exactly as I'm told, and he bites down on his lower lip.

"Good girl," he breathes, and those two words alone do the most wicked things to me.

His fingers trail even farther north until he reaches the hem of my underwear. His eyes meet mine and I have to let out a shaky breath, holding on tight to him to keep myself stable. 

"Yes or no?" he asks me quietly, and I nod frantically. 


Lexi Brooks' love life was suddenly flipped upside down when she was kissed by her best friend the day before he mysteriously moved away. It left her heart in a twist, until her mind was trapped elsewhere when 'The Incident' occurred; quite possibly the hardest thing she'd ever go through. 

But Bryce Bradshaw always had it easy. He was the heartthrob, the bad boy, the perfect guy. He had the looks, the talent, and the charisma. Though to Lexi's surprise, on the rare occasion she could catch him out of the spotlight, she saw something else there. 

She could tell that he was a little distant. He could tell that she was a little different. 

The only crucial detail: 

He simply left with out a word.


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