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Alexis Sims By AlexisSims Updated 3 years ago
Detective Taddio is overweight, highly intelligent and has a killer vocabulary. He wants out but to leave the mean streets of Grover city he must train the beautiful young Constable Blackwell to take his place. She will need all of her wits to learn the ways of Taddio.
@AlexisSims I love the action. Btw, Wow! I never expected to see Warner Oland. Love the pic.
You are a good writer of acction. I never read anithing good but this? this way too good! You really know how to develope your writing skills very well! it deserved my vote!
Interesting, mystery writing is difficult and I could never write that genre, :P Can't even solve them myself. It's well-written and you hooked me in the beginning =]
@AlexisSims My list of things to read as/when i get the time keeps growing on me... but trust me Taddio is on it (as is your entire collection one of these days)
Dam woman.... Please read on you say? As if you've left me a choice.
                                    Impressive as always!
Very well written, however I felt like "Taddio" was overused and some statements could have been made into one sentence with different wording rather than two separate sentences.  Other than that, it was a great read!