Rejected, Remembered and Hunted (First Story)

Rejected, Remembered and Hunted (First Story)

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Meet Lana. She has had a rocky life so far, with 4 over protective brothers who will take care of her no matter what because of the fact that she had been kidnapped when she younger; what happens when she finds her mate who happens to be a player and a jerk by the name of Zach? Did I mention that Zach was best friends with Lana's brothers?

When someone from the past comes back into Lana's life, will she have her mate by her side, or will she have to fight the old flame off by herself? Throw in mixed emotions, rejection and a lot of sexual tension

Out of all the things going on, all she wanted was her mate and to play happy families, so will she get her wish or will she have to continue fighting for everything her entire life?

  • baby
  • brothers
  • death
  • destroyed
  • fun
  • heartbreak
  • hunted
  • lana
  • love
  • mate
  • regret
  • rejected
  • remembered
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