The Dark Ones

The Dark Ones

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Braelynn Taylor By She_hasarrived Updated 15 hours ago

"They who returned."

After the war, no one was the same. But can it really be called a war?

The humans stood absolutely no chance of winning, and what a loss it was. It destroyed the world, viscously ripping it apart until almost nothing remained.

The ones who caused it?

They were otherworldly creatures, and saw the Earth fit for their taking. They saw it to be survival of the fittest, whoever made it out alive would be on top. And, of course, they were the ones who won.

It left the Earth torn apart, only a fragment of what it once was. 

It left Earth to die.

So it chose people to help put it back in order. To restore her to her prime. They were special, all left torn and alone from the war. They wanted revenge, and she was going to help them get it.

The Dark Ones