Hmmm... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Connor

Hmmm... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Connor

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Charlene_Alucard By Charlene_Alucard Updated Jul 04

I dunno why but I want to make this Connor x Reader one shots.

Maybe full of lemons, yes I am dirty minded deal with it. XD

That is my drawing, I try to draw Connor in Hetalia style but meh.

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                              The state or feeling of being jealous
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Avalon_Fox_Tail Avalon_Fox_Tail 6 days ago
Oh this is going to make me cry one of my best friends Antonio was the first person i thought of and i have jot seen him in 2 years we've known each other for 7
Oh_wow_its_gay Oh_wow_its_gay 6 days ago
*takes tie and ties a noose with it*
                              My life was already completed by reading this far.
                              There is n o t h i n g else to l i v e for
Oh_wow_its_gay Oh_wow_its_gay 6 days ago
                              Cyberlife, I'm going to sue you for how big you made his dicc like that is a choking hazard-
Avalon_Fox_Tail Avalon_Fox_Tail 6 days ago
This is what people were afraid of when Androids turned on us
                              Sexy Connors