I'm Married to Who?! (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

I'm Married to Who?! (BoyxBoy/MPreg)

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♫♥♫♥♫♥♫ By yaoiChibi Completed

Shelby Ryans is an orphan with nothing to live for but the dying wish of his father. He had long since abandoned human companionship and had tried to strive out of the deep pit of poverty he could never escape. With an order to retrieve his father's belongings at the local post office on his 23rd birthday, Shelby starts thinking that this is his chance to get out.

However, things really never did went his way.

Blood, guns, corruption, fear, and a delicious piece of ass named Asher Robrinso pulls him into the world of the mafia. It didn't help that Mr. Delicious-Piece-of-Ass was not only the leader of the world's most powerful underground organization, the Blood Phoenix, but the most unbelievable man Shelby has ever met who could rival a peanut's IQ.

And with unknown enemies lurking in the shadows, Shelby learns that his world is so far from normal that it borders crazy. 

All hell just broke loose.

kiwiyogurt kiwiyogurt Apr 21, 2016
I found the similar story in aff...
                               I havent read the whole chapter.. but the intro is similar with yours..
blackmooncurse blackmooncurse Apr 24, 2016
I love you books fr the mafia collection!!!!!!ur sooo talented
miss_jihyo miss_jihyo Apr 21, 2016
                              isn't this the jihope (jimin x jhope) story on aff?
                              wtf im confused
Para_romance1208 Para_romance1208 Apr 30, 2016
I've read this before and loved it. Re-reading it now. Good job author. Keep up the great imagination and work!!
ItzTezza ItzTezza Dec 20, 2015
My friend recommended me this book so I'm giving it a try (:
RayyaYang RayyaYang Dec 11, 2015
I think this is my fourth book of yours that I've read and loved