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SetsunaSaruhiko By SetsunaSaruhiko Updated Apr 17, 2014

It was only 10 days before Valentines day Lucy was so excited for that day until master Makarov tell everyone on the guild that in the evening of the Valentines day there will be a  ball on the guild and all of them will decide who will be their partner.

So Gray ask Lucy to be his partner,Natsu ask Lisanna to be his partner,Gajeel ask Levy to be his partner,Elfman ask Evergreen to be his partner,
Romeo ask Wendy to be his partner,Happy ask Carla to be his partner and even Laxus ask Mirajane to be his partner.

So this is a GRALU Fan Fiction why because Gray and Lucy are the topic of this story okay.

Lucy_Dreyar2904 Lucy_Dreyar2904 Sep 25, 2017
Is she mad he does not have the same beliefs as her lolololololololololololololol
RandomlyAdventurous RandomlyAdventurous Mar 13, 2017
I know everyone hates her, but cmon, if Lucy is with Gray, Natsu is most definitely going to be happy (not the cat) with someone else. He's gonna find someone to love, and that's most likely to be his childhood sweetheart. I think NaLi is an adorable ship
BombzAwayBitch_ BombzAwayBitch_ Jul 13, 2017
He's on the cover.....oops I forgot I was supposed to be blind🤔🙄😑lol
                              Get it
                              Why are u still reading this sad 😭 message
srslynana srslynana Jul 30, 2016
(DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE A FAN OF NATSU X LISANNA)I really hate Lisanna like why in all NALU story's Lisanna is like the ex like swear to god I would give anything to kill her like she's so annoying!!
Alex_Ghoul21 Alex_Ghoul21 Feb 20, 2017
I would have fainted from the sight 😂 I love that pairing
srslynana srslynana Jul 30, 2016
It's grey I really, really, and am talking really, ship grey and list. Well I used to like NALU but it's GRAYLU now!!! Also by the title pic it's her with GREY!!