Does He Know (Book1.BWWM)

Does He Know (Book1.BWWM)

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*Book 1* 

Does he know how I feel about him?

Does he know that I would do anything for him?

Does he know that's he's my definition of perfect?

Tyler an Jada have been friends since diaper days.They've never been apart for no longer then a day or two.But now, it's the middle of their junior year in high school an they've barley even been around each other. Tyler has even been dating the schools hottest girl Melanie;Leaving Jada all alone with her feelings towards him. But when someone new steps into the picture Tyler finally realizes that he wants Jada all to himself. Will Jada stick with Tyler or give the new guy a chance?. 
*bwwm* *Jada's p.o.v*

My mom told me that yesterday I was like noooooo why I already have one and then I started crying
... he came for what reason ? woulda made out better sending a text
So you came here for nothing? You wasted both of each others time!
When he smacks your cheeks and u like it but you gotta act rude n stuck up
Um I don't remember you asking me for my consent to put me in this book !
If I ever said this...
                              Would y'all attend my funeral tho? There'll be snacks and food