Target [Winter Solider/Bucky Barnes short story]

Target [Winter Solider/Bucky Barnes short story]

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[Post CA:TWS]

She was his target. His mission. His only goal was to kill her.

But she seemed harmless. He felt it was wrong to kill her.

He made a different call. He saved her instead


"There was a man, he was sent to kill me. I was a threat to- to HYDRA... the man had killed my mom. But I didn't hate him for it. I wasn't angry at him, I didn't want him dead... I wanted him to be somewhere safe. Somewhere somebody could care for him... I wanted to be the person that cared for him. But he wouldn't let me."

Yay, I'm for some reason really happy that you aren't telling readers  her background, because it ruins some of the information and surprise that you can use to write later in the story! Really excited to read this. :)
- - Apr 21, 2014
Really good . just try.and make your chapters longer so we can enjoy it more yeah ? i loved it so so much