Illusion ~Stranger Things~ [COMPLETED]

Illusion ~Stranger Things~ [COMPLETED]

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TwistedMinds By TheGirlWith3000Names Completed

"Sometimes the bad guys are smart too."
                                                                                 ~Will Byers
At only eight-years-old Pine Knight became the prime suspect for her parents murder. Dying to protect their daughter, Lilac and Jerry Knight had kept lots of secrets. Years later when Pine is twelve-years-old and living in Hawkins Indiana the mysterious vanishing of Will Byers stirs things up, opening many doors Pine had always known to be locked in her past. Closer to intimate danger, Pine comes closer to learning the truth of the 1979 murder of which she had so closely witnessed. Maybe even making a few friends along the way. 

                       [Stranger Things Season 1 : Book 1 in    
                         'Illusion' series | TwistedMinds 
                         2018~2019 | Female OC | Cover by 
                         @iydiamartin | Plot&Story by: 
                         me/TwistedMinds | Help & ideas 
                        provided by @slushieson & 

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Basically this whole story is a trigger warning. Don't like, don't read. No sexual harassment present.

[Winner of @Fanfics_Writer_ Stranger Things Contest]


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