The Prince's Punishing

The Prince's Punishing

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"You know I'm not much a family man, but I'm not fond of someone  hurting the same blood as me" 
Noah is 20 now, it's been a year since he was saved and life's good, he has a dog, he's living by him self, now and he's gotten so much better. He's still friends with Chris and he's getting over everything. 

But there are some people who aren't very happy with the way things ended, and they want someone to take it out on. 

Cover done by @thatkinkyone

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Well going by the tags on your story I'm guessing he gets kidnapped, but thats so negative... so instead Noah and mystery dude have really hot sex and live happily ever after.
Pokenadie Pokenadie Jun 27
I miss Damon.  I want Damon.  Where's Damon.  I'm crying.  My baby is gone ;-;
nekolove009 nekolove009 Jun 14
Omfg I can't breathe 😂😂😂😉 'hey ya lil shits' 😂😂😂😂
ribaby01 ribaby01 Jun 17
Who the hell yells at a person then ask them out to the movies
this guy is giving me chills, some guard dogs are quite intelligant and can tell if a person is someone you shouldnt hang around, and I have this feeling that King, or rather Damon, is still alive somehow.
dooboo1998 dooboo1998 Jul 05
I don't trust him. He was a little to slick with everything.